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About VCA

The VCA Experience offers a complete program of instruction that recognizes that there is no truth apart from God’s truth as revealed in His Word.  This is an academic institution that completely integrates the Bible with all subject matter and with all issues of life.  The Victory Christian Academy program is progressive from the Pre-Academy (grades K3 and K4) to high school graduation from the Academy (K5 through 12th grade).  The Bible-centered curriculum is state approved and insures a student’s acceptance at the college or university of their choice based upon their merit.  Our students have attended prestigious schools like Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, N.C. State, South Carolina, Clemson, Baylor School of Medicine, Florida State, The Citadel, and Furman just to name a few.


Victory Christian Academy Kindergarten offers a delightful learning experience for your five- year-old child.  It will be an enjoyable educational program that is designed to give your child a firm foundation for a life-time of learning.  Your child’s program will include numbers, phonics, and reading with time spent in art, music, and sharing activities.

Elementary School

Victory Christian Academy’s comprehensive curriculum is based around the
A Beka Christian Curriculum.  This rich learning experience is designed to provide your child with a solid base for the skills required to be an achieving middle school student.  Physical education, art and music activities are integrated to see that each student has the opportunity to receive a well-rounded program.

Middle School & High School

In middle school and high school, Victory Christian Academy teaches the critical thinking schools that are so necessary to collegiate success.  A strong math and science curriculum from great sources like A Beka, Bob Jones, and Glencoe are combined with English and social studies from A Beka.  A fully equipped computer lab ensures that our graduates have the necessary technological skills to compete in today’s society.  Bible class, physical education and other electives are also an integral part of the middle school and high school VCA Experience.


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